Strong Spas Titan HardCover


How do you make the TOUGHEST spa in the world tougher?  Just add Strong® Spas’ Titan™ HardCover!

STRONG® SPAS  Titan™ HardCover is full foam insulated with closed cell foam so it keeps the heat in and the cold out! Not only will it make your spa more efficient to run; it’s safer, too.

Our engineers had safety in mind when designing the STRONG® SPAS Titan™ HardCover. The cover easily holds well over 2,000 lbs, so kids & pets can’t fall in and risk drowning. The key locking cover also protects the spa controls, and optional stereo system from theft.

titan-pageOther spa covers take on water and become heavy and filled with bacteria, mold and mildew. They degrade and will need to be replaced every couple years.  STRONG® SPAS Titan™ HardCover is bacteria resistant and impenetrable. It will never take on water, never degrade and will never need to be replaced! Guaranteed!

STRONG® SPAS Titan™ HardCover requires no maintenance and will be just as beautiful in the years to come as the very first day.  Protect your family while protecting your investment with the Titan™ HardCover. The first and only HardCover backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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Smart engineering

Easy for an adult to open.

Space saving

The STRONG® SPAS Titan™ HardCover tucks down out of your way while spa  is in use with exclusive space saving design and NO unsightly  cover-lift bars overhead to ruin the look of your spa

Designed for a lifetime

The STRONG® SPAS Titan™ HardCover and hinges are manufactured using  the same patented FORGE-CAST™ technology used in the manufacture of our  exclusive STRONG® SPAS cabinets and come with the Industry’s 1st  LIFETIME WARRANTY!