Strong Spas Hot Tub Features


cabinet Strong’s patented DURA-LAST™ Cabinet design, combined with our ground-breaking Energy-Lok® Insulation System and optional Titan™ HardCover, offers an unprecedented level of strength and efficiency… all while preserving easy access to all spa components.
insulation Strong® Spas are made in the USA of the highest quality materials and components. The unique ENERGY-LOK® insulation system injects high density foam  between the walls of the dual-walled system resulting in no harmful  release of CFCs into the environment and a highly efficient thermal  system.
cabinet_design DURA-LAST™ patented cabinet system comes with the Industry’s 1st Lifetime Warranty! It’s virtually indestructible… no cracking, splintering or peeling, and we guarantee it! These cabinets will be as beautiful years from now as they are the very first day… with no sanding or staining, no rot or mildew! And no infestation from pest or rodents.
 GO-GREEN-logo2 Strong’s DURA-LAST™ resin cabinet is constructed of partially recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable! No structural wood or metal is used so no rotting or rusting ever! Our Energy-Lok® Insulation System results in almost zero release of CFCs into the environment! High-density foam is injected into our dual-walled cabinet, including the base, forming a highly efficient thermal barrier.
 Print Heat from spa components is recycled within the spa cabinet for even more efficiency. And our ThermoCell™ friction heat source completes the Tribrid™ Synergy Heating System.
strongbond_logo_final The StrongBond® acrylic rigidizing process provides greater acrylic shell thickness and strength and uses no environmentally-unfriendly fiberglass.