Strong Spas Hot Tubs


One Spa.
Many Moments.

For us, the big picture is condensed down to one thing: ensuring our family of Strong Spas owners experience unsurpassed satisfaction and contentment.

That plays out in the belief that some things can’t be mass produced. We pay attention to details, even the tiniest ones. Because our ironclad commitment to quality isn’t negotiable and is reflected in our satisfied customers and high consumer product and owner ratings.

Our commitment to quality is why we handcraft our Strong Spas hot tubs in the nine separate phases at our manufacturing plant in Northumberland, Pa. It’s a pledge backed in writing — literally.

What We Stand For


the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage.

The ability to withstand wear and damage is the essence of durability. We also believe durability combines resiliency and security. It boils down to this:

We make things to last. For a very long time.


the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

We never stop imagining something better. We never stop refining and improving that next generation of hot tub. We never stop creating, designing and building. That’s innovation.


the quality or state of being tranquil; calm.

If quiet is turning down the noise around you, then tranquility is turning up the peace inside you. We think of a soak in a Strong Spas hot tub as place where you can recalibrate at the intersection of calm, quiet, still and peace. To find tranquility.

Strong Story

Strong Spas is a global leader in the spa industry and one of the largest spa manufacturers in the world. Every affordable luxury spa is proudly custom-built in one of our facilities in Pennsylvania. Strong Spas is the innovator of the DURA-SHIELD, which is the first true patented, hardcover system that is molded hollow from durable resin and filled with a proprietary foam to protect the spa from harsh environments and provide energy-saving heat retention.

This hardcover system features the first integrated ULTRASTRONG CoverLift system for safe, easy open-and-close performance. While other spa companies continue to sell soft covers that rot, mold and have to be replaced every two to three years, the DURA-SHIELD hardcover system is the only one on the market that is backed by a lifetime warranty.