Strong Spas Hot Tubs


Resort Living in Your Home – with Strong Spas

The latest lifestyle trend has home owners striving to recreate a Spa Retreat in their home.  Strong Spas are the spa of the future! Our rotationally molded granite resin patent-pending DURA-LAST™ cabinets are guaranteed against any deterioration – NO peeling, NO fading, NO cracking, and NO warping – with the Strong Lifetime Warranty!

All spas look nice when they’re new …

Unlike other spa frames, the Strong Spa cabinet will NEVER require maintenance and will be just as beautiful in the years to come as the very first day! Wood frames will rot, warp and fade. Steel frames, whether galvanized or powder coated, will rust and weaken but the DURA-LAST™ cabinet will never deteriorate and

we guarantee it with the industry’s first cabinet LIFETIME WARRANTY!