Inground Pool Rectangle 2ft Radius

The 2ft Radius Corner pool, with its classical lines and elegant rectangular shape

is a tribute to the art of fine living and will invite you to endless hours of free spirited swimming, luxurious sunbathing, and sumptuous entertaining. This pool features 2 ft. Radius corners and is the only pool with our walk-in stairs triple option widths. Traditional 6 or 8-foot wide stairs are available, as well as extra wide 12-foot built-in stairs located at the center position for lounging.

line-2ft-radius-rectangle2Available Options

  • 12ft x 24ft Diving board not allowed
  • 16ft x 32ft
  • 16ft x 36ft
  • 18ft x 36ft
  • 20ft x 40ft
  • 18ft x 43ft Lazy L – Left or Right
  • 18ft x 24ft x 37ft 90°L – Left or Right
  • 18ft x 26ft x 37ft 90°L – Left or Right
  • 18ft x 28ft x 43ft 90°L – Left or Right

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