Inground Pool Kidney

In 1948 builder Thomas Church created a kidney-shaped pool for the Donnell family in Sonoma, CA. The kidney pool style, which was essentially two shapes placed together at an angle, made a dramatic change from the usual rectangular pool and became a “fad” in the ’50s and ’60s.  With so many pool shapes available these days, the kidney pool is not built as often as it once was.  Still, the kidney shape is a good option for a homeowner who wants a modestly curved pool.

With its meandering lines and unusual shape, the Kidney Pool series makes a grand architectural statement

It glimmers with sophistication and is the ideal pool to add an air of elegance to your home.

It’s aesthetic artistry is backed up by engineering excellence, for it’s unitized panel construction gives an exact matching radius to each section. Choose between 14-foot wide inside radius stairs or one piece wide 8′ radius Step-N-Rest.

All sizes available in Left or Right

Inground Kidney PoolAvailable Options

  • 15ft x 26ft Diving board not allowed
  • 16ft x 30ft Diving board not allowed
  • 16ft x 33ft
  • 18ft x 36ft
  • 20ft x 38ft

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