Winterize a Chlorine or Nature2 Pool


Winterize Your PoolIf you live in an area where you have to close your pool for the winter, you need to close it properly to protect it.  Remember that the cleaner your pool is when you close it, the less trouble it will be to get it going again the next season.

  1. Take a pool water sample for a full analysis.
  2. Adjust Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium Hardness levels accordingly.
  3. Thoroughly brush and vacuum any algae or debris that may be on the floor or wall of the pool.
  4. Add Stain & Scale Preventative, and then run the filter for 24 hours.
  5. Add 1 gallon of shock per 10,000 gallons of pool water, and run filter for 4 hours.
  6. Add 1 gallon of Winter Algaecide and run the filter for 4-6 hours.
  7. If there is a chlorine feeder connected to the pool, make sure there is no remaining chemical in
    the feeder.  Clean and flush the feeder per manufacturer’s directions or run filter until all remaining chemical has been dissolved.
  8. Poke out holes on Chlorine tablet floater, and put floater in the pool.
  9. Clean the skimmer basket and the pump’s hair/lint strainer basket.  Store the baskets in a safe
  10. Clean the filter with the appropriate filter cleaner per label instructions.
  11. Plug and cover the return and skimmer.
  12. Disconnect pump and tank and bring indoors for the season to prevent freezing of any part of
    your filtration system.  Be sure to fill the pump with foam pump protector.
  13. Cover the pool and be sure that the cover is tightly fastened to the pool.  If you use
    air pillows under the cover fill them only about 2/3 full to allow for expansion and put a piece
    of duct tape over the plug as an extra seal.  If you use water tubes fill them only halfway to
    allow for expansion as they freeze.

Please! Do not hang the jugs on the cover (we’re sure you’ve seen it done) because that puts strain on the outer part of your toprail and may actually void your pool warranty. 


Solid covers must have the water siphoned/pumped off throughout the winter. Keep an eye on what you pump off as many solid covers are not entirely leak proof and as they dip down into the pool you may actually be pumping your pool water out through the cover!

A leaf cover over your solid or mesh cover is a great idea to catch the leaves. 
After the leaf-fall is done you take the leaf cover off, along with the leaves. Then you don’t have leaves rotting on top of the pool all winter and you don’t have all that heavy stuff to try and pull off the pool in the spring.  (It usually ends up in your pool anyway!)