Flippin’ Frog Pool Sanitizer

If you have a small pool, Flippin’ Frog is for you!

Flippin' Frog Pool SanitizerEspecially made for 12′ to 18′ pools (or 2000 to 5000 gallons), the Flippin’ Frog is a two-part sanitizer system that will keep your small pool clean and safe.  The green half of the system contains minerals that will last up to 6 months and reduce the need for chlorine by up to 50%. The blue half contains chlorine. As the chlorine is used up, the Flippin’ Frog rolls over letting you know it’s time to change the chlorine half.

Watch the video to see how the Flippin’ Frog pool sanitizer can make your pool life easier!

Friendly Mineral Pool Care That Flips Over When Empty

 Flippin' Frog cartridgesFlippin' Frog rolls over when it needs a refill





For pools 12 to 18 feet in diameter, or 2,000 to 5,000 gallons 

Fresh, sparkling water starts with Flippin’ FROG that kills harmful bacteria with up to half the chlorine. Flippin’ FROG is always working to protect you and your family. And minerals reduce chlorine costs to just pennies a day. Mom’s love it! It’s patented. It’s EPA registered.

It gives you:

  • Less work with no daily dosing
  • Soft water that’s easy on skin
  • A neutral pH with less monitoring
  • Prevents smelly odors and bleached suits
  • More fun with your family

If you have an Intex or EasySet pool, let Flippin’ Frog Sanitizer System take the struggle out of pool care. For a new pool owner, the stress of trying to keep up with sanitizing a pool can take all the fun out of it. Get a Flippin’ Frog and enjoy the rest of your pool season!

For pools larger than 5000 gallons, there’s a Pool Frog that just right for you, too!