Salt Water Pool Chlorinator

No more mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine again. Now you can automatically turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for pool and spa water that’s clean, clear and luxuriously soft


Product Description

AquaTrol® is the affordable salt chlorine generating solution for above ground pools that saves you time and money while conveniently keeping your pool clean and safe.

•Quick and Easy 30 minute installation
•The best water quality attainable
•Soft silky feel – no more red eyes or dry skin
•Always crystal clear and ready for swimming
•Digital salt display and 7 diagnostic indicators
•Selectable super chlorinate function
•24 Hour timer for filter pump control
•Allows multiple pump periods per day
•Programs in 15 minute increments
•Manual switch (ON-Auto-OFF)
•Microprocessor automates all functions
•Automatically cleans the cell by periodically reversing polarity
•Patented Turbo Cell for maximum efficiency and flow rate
•UL and CUL Listed


Product Description

The World’s #1 Salt Chlorinator. Hayward’s AquaRite Salt Chlorinator is the convenient alternative to conventional chlorine – bringing your pool the very best in soft, silky water with no more red eyes, itchy skin, or harsh odors. It’s remarkably convenient, too, automatically delivering chlorine for the ultimate swimming experience. AquaRite is independently certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. And with the industry’s best warranty support plus 50% or more savings over conventional chlorine, no wonder it’s the World’s #1 salt chlorinator today.

•The World’s #1 Salt Chlorinator – genuine excellence, luxurious experience
•Premium comfort – delivers soft, silky, luxurious water with no more red eyes
•Convenient – never mix, measure, lug or store chlorine again
•Huge savings – up to 50% or more over conventional chlorine

Right-sized salt chlorination.
Salt Chlorination TurboCells are available in three sizes – 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The three sizes enable you to right-size your AquaRite for the most efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible.

TurboCell is included in packaging with AquaRite.

Salt & Swim 3CSandSControl-Cell

Product Description

Salt & Swim® 3C delivers the 3 Cs of salt chlorination – Comfort, Convenience all at a Cost you’ll love.

You’ll get unimaginable Comfort of silky soft water, that won’t turn eyes red. Its more natural approach to chlorination also eliminates the harsh chlorine odor associated with factory-produced chlorine.

Convenience means no more lugging heavy buckets and jugs of harsh Chlorine. With Salt Chlorination, sanitizing pools happens automatically by converting ordinary salt into Chlorine. Now that’s Convenient.

What if you could get the Comfort and Convenience you desire, but at a cost savings of 50% or more? You can, with Salt & Swim 3C. Each cell produces a ton of chlorine – literally but at more than half the cost of other forms of Chlorine.

A single Salt & Swim 3C Cell produces the equivalent of:
•200 lbs off 100% pure available chlorine
•225 lbs Trichlor
•208 gallons of liquid chlorine weighs 1 ton