Nirvana Heat Pump for Swimming Pools

Nirvana Heat Pumps Performance and Quality you demand


High performance components

  • Heat ExchangerLifetime Titanium Heat Coil on Nirvana Heat Pump
    Nirvana Heat Pump’s unique double coil heat exchanger is manufactured out of titanium to produce optimal heat transfer while resisting corrosion and erosion.  It is excellent for all common pool chemical systems including chlorine and salt water.
  • Compressor
    Scroll compressor technology provides the Nirvana Heat Pump with unparalleled efficiency along with quiet, sustainable and proven reliability.
  • Thermostatic Valve
    The thermostatic valve regulates the supply of refrigerant to the evaporator based on weather conditions to maximize performance.

Nirvana Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra resistant Composite cabinet – provides durability and easy care
  • Swept wing fan blades – designed to reduce noise
  • Oversized Blue Fin evaporator – for better performance
  • Compressor acoustic cover – protects and reduces noise
  • R410A Refrigerant – clean and efficient
  • Electronic control board – easy to use
  • Defrost – electronic and intelligent
  • Titanium heat exchanger – Double coil – insulated for more performance
  • Refrigeration system discharge – insulated to increase performance
  • Corrosion inhibiting coating – inside the unit
  • Wi-Fi:  Remote control (Option)
  • All units are inspected on site prior to shipment


Nirvana heat pumps ranks at the top of the AHRI ranking, thereby earning the world leader in terms of low temperature efficiency for pool heat pump. The Independent organisation confirms the coefficient of performance (COP) in Nirvana clearly surpasses all other competing products.

The coefficient of performance (COP – ratio of the amount of heat produce and the energy consumed) of our products amounted to a yield of 640% at high temperature and 460% at low temperature. For every kilowatt used, Nirvana pool heater produces up to 6.4 kilowatts high temperature and 4.6 kilowatts in low temperature. This extra energy output is achieved through a process based on thermodynamics; it extirpates heat from ambient air allowing heating your pool in a CLEAN and EFFICIENT way.

N.B : Energy Efficiency at low temperature is the most relevant one to consider, a heat pump usually operates when the temperatures are low. AHRI ranked Nirvana first in this category, which conforms that Nirvana has the lowest operating costs in the industry.

Nirvana Heat Pump Warranty:

 Labor  5 year
 Parts  5 year
 Compressor  10 year
 Titanium Coil  Lifetime
 Cabinet  15 year limited