Hot Tub Scents

Combine Aromatherapy with Hydrotherapy for a whole-body rejuvenation.

insparationinSPAration Spa and Bath Fragrance is a blend of aromatherapy fragrances specially formulated for the use in Spas, Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths. All of our Fabulous Fragrance Blends are safe for all jets, motors, pumps and tub surfaces. inSPAration will mask any unwanted chemical odor without effecting your hot water chemistry. Our special fragrance blends have body moisturizers that leave you feeling soft and moisturized, without oily residue on your skin or in your tub.



Aromatherapy is a very popular idea these days.  There are scents that can relax you and scents to invigorate you.  Scents to clear your head and scents that make your skin feel silky. Scents can make a spa experience a special occasion. Scents can also mask a less-than-pleasant chemical odor in your tub.  While you wouldn’t want to mask an offensive odor which was due to unhealthy water, sometimes the smell of chlorine or bromine is not exactly what you had in mind for a sensuous soak. We offer spa scents and body lotions which will not cause problems with your spa filtration.
Top6Web9 ounce bottles are sold in all twenty-eight of inSPAration’s fabulous aromatherapy blends. Just add a few capfuls into your Spa or Hot Tub, or one capful into your Bath for that ultimate hot water enjoyment.

Special for spas!
While there are many products on the market for scenting and conditioning bath water most of them are not made to be used in a spa or hot tub.   A bath tub or jetted tub is drained after each use and does not have a filter which would become clogged with oil.   It is important then, to be sure that the scents you use in your spa are made for spas.   You may also use spa scents in a bath tub, but not necessarily vise versa.


Rejuvinate your soul for the sense of well living with Hydrotherapies Wellness Collection, by inSPAration. Captivate yourself to be complete in your Spirit, Soul, and Body with our specially formulated Aromatherapy Fragrance Blends. Day Spa formulated to be used in any Hydrotherapy environment as well as Spas, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzi’s, and Whirlpool Baths.

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