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Small Yard? Get a Hot Tub Instead of a Pool

Strong Spas Hot Tub with lifetime cabinetI freely admit that I am a “hot tub person”. Yes, I do like swimming pools, and I would be happy to have a small one in my back yard. I would like a pool as a water feature, to sit next to and enjoy a tasty beverage while gazing at the sparkling water. In reality, I can’t afford to have an inground pool and I find above ground pools to be an obstruction. I know, many people will say that they need a pool for the kids, and that’s good too. But, there are many reasons why you might forego the pool for a hot tub. And, kids love hot tubs too!

You can use a hot tub every day of the year.

But wait! It’s too hot in the summer to get in a hot tub, isn’t it?

Who says a hot tub has to be “hot”? In the summer you can turn your tub’s temperature down to about 84° and it is cool and refreshing without being chilling as a pool can be.  A lot of people spend a ton of money trying to heat their pools so they can actually enjoy them without the pain of getting acclimated to the cold temperature.  A hot tub can be comfortably cool without the extra expense of heating equipment and gas to heat with.

It is especially refreshing to get into your cool hot tub after a sweaty lawn mowing session, or to slip into a cool tub on one of those muggy summer nights and just relax and stargaze.

A hot tub doesn’t take up so much space in  your yard.

A typical hot tub is about 7′ square.  It is just a small space compared to the big bite that even a small 12X24 inground pool will take out of your yard.  And an inground pool needs to be fenced, so there is even more of your yard used up for the pool area.

In the off-season, a pool is covered and makes for a large part of your yard that is un-useable for most of the year.

The small footprint of a hot tub leaves you ample room for a fire pit, barbecue area, patio furniture, gazebo, etc.  All of which are useable for much longer than just pool season.

A hot tub doesn’t block your view.

Have you ever seen one of those 24′ above ground pools in someone’s yard?  They stand a little over 4′ tall (without a deck) and block the view of the rest of the yard.  In this part of the country, you can probably use your pool for about three months out of the year.  The other nine months, it is an ugly thing with a bag over it!  (I know,  The kids want a pool.)

A hot tub costs less to operate than a pool. (Or a puppy.)

a hot tub costs less to care for than a puppyYes, really!  When you consider that a typical pool in the northeast is open for four months, and the typical cost of electricity for running a pool pump the minimum 12 hours per day (pool industry experts recommend running the filtration system 24-7) is about $75 per month.  Chemical costs to sanitize the pool are about $200 or more per season.  Spring pool openings and Fall pool closings add more to the cost with expensive winterizing chemicals and covers.  People who don’t want to or can’t open and close their own pools will pay $250 or $300 (or more) for someone else to open and close.  If something happens to cause your pool water to go wonky, then you might spend additional hundreds of dollars for chemicals to fix the water situation.

A hot tub will cost you about $50 per month for electricity.  In the winter.  In the summer, you may not even notice any extra on your bill.  It is the heater that costs the most to operate, and that depends on how cold it is outside, how much the cover is off of it, and how hot you like to keep your tub.  In the summer, with the tub cool, the pump only runs a couple of times per day (depending on settings) to do filtration for about 20 minutes each time, and whenever you get in it to kick the jets on.

You will use a slightly higher concentration of sanitizer for a hot tub due to the warmer water and higher people-to-water ratio than a pool.  Still, you are only sanitizing 300 to 400 gallons of water, usually rather than the 10,000 or more in a pool.  You will use chemicals by the tablespoonful rather than by the pound.  The pool is also exposed to the elements, meaning acid rain gets in there along with leaves, dust, twigs, bugs, bird droppings, etc.  The hot tub is covered when you are not in it, so it minimizes the elemental influence.  As a result, it costs less for chemicals for a hot tub than it would for a pool.

If your hot tub water gets really bad, you can just change it!

Yes, sometimes a hot tub can get so icky (usually from neglecting the hot tub maintenance) that it would take a lot of chemicals to  fix the water.  Why bother?  You can much more easily just drain the hot tub and refill it with fresh, clean water and start over.  You certainly wouldn’t drain and refill a 10,000+ gallon pool unless it was a last resort.

Your hot tub will be especially wonderful on those crisp winter nights.

massage those tired shoulders in a hot tubEven though you may have some lovely spot out in the garden for your hot tub, you will want to keep it close to the house.  If you have to shovel a path out to the garden in order to use your tub you will end up not using it much.  Winter is some of the best time to be in the hot tub.  You get into it before you have time to get cold and then you are sitting in nice hot water up to your neck while breathing that icy cold, clear winter air.  Gently falling snow will add to the wonderfulness of your hot tub.  Be sure to have a place to stow your towels while you are in the tub so they are not covered in a pile of snow when you get out!

When you get out of your hot tub, you will be so toasty warm that you won’t even feel the cold and you’ll have plenty of time to wrap up, add some chemicals and close the cover before you go inside.

What would your pool be doing in the winter?  Oh, yes, covered over and frozen.

Soothe your aches and pains in your hot tub.

hot tubs provide warm water muscle therapy It is amazing how you can spend half a day shoveling snow and get all stiffened up.  Just spend 20 minutes soaking in your hot tub and you are like brand new again!  Afternoon of leaf-raking or gutter-cleaning?  Get renewed in your hot tub!

Sure, a lot of people say they exercise in their pool but exercising in warm water is especially recommended for people with arthritis or fibromyalgia.  Even a small tub has enough room for stretching and exercising your arms and legs.  Warm water and hydro-massage increases your circulation and eases pain.

There are many reasons why a hot tub may be the better choice for you.

Kids love hot tubsGive it some thought, bring a bathing suit, and try out one of our tubs at the store.  Compare tubs, feel the different kinds of jets, get the information you need to help you decide.