Inground Pool Pricing

How much does an inground pool cost?



We can design an inground pool to fit almost any budget. 

An inground pool starts at about $12,000 but your actual cost will depend on many factors.  Size of the pool (cubic footage) is a major consideration.  You can have a pool which is “constant depth” and may be considerably less money than one made deep enough for diving.  You may want to have more of the pool shallow to accommodate small children or to play water sports like volleyball.

Advertised prices on inground pools are mostly just “ballpark” figures for the basic pool, filter system and a normal installation.  A “normal” installation is one where the dig goes according to plan and no major setbacks are uncovered.  Setbacks are things like ledge, high water table or excessively off-level property.  Prices also do not generally include variables like decking, fencing, water, landscaping or hiring an electrician.

There are so many options in designing the pool that is just right for you that is best to sit down with one of our inground pool specialists to pick out the features that will make this your dream pool.  Then we can give you a price quote for exactly the pool you want.  An inground pool is a big investment and the choices you make will be with you for a long time.  Once your new pool is in the ground it would be sad to say you wish you had gotten it deep enough for diving, or with more shallow area, or a lagoon shape rather than rectangle.

We offer free home surveys for inground pools!

Call us at 508-676-3850 to set up an appointment for a home survey.  One of our inground pool specialists will be happy to come to your home and help you plan what sort of pool will fit into your yard.

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