Inground Vinyl Liner Pools



Manufacturing and Engineering

Our quality industry proven steel wall, vinyl liner swimming pools, available in over 200 shapes and sizes, have set the standard in the swimming pool industry. We at Kafko™ are extremely proud of our innovative method of manufacturing and advanced engineering capabilities. Press-Lock® systems represent our industry’s state of the art method of manufacturing, replacing the old welded systems. The patented Press-Lock® fastening systems do not destroy the integrity of the galvanized coating.


Engineered Pool Wall System

titanwallsetup2 (2)Panels are made from 14 gauge steel with G235 (Z720) galvanized coating. Both straight and curved wall panels have 7 strategically located holes at both ends ensuring positive and accurate alignments. The ends of each panel are made with a recessed end making for a seamless panel connection. The overlap end of each panel is fastened with our Press-Lock® fastening system. Wall braces are secured in place using our Press-Lock® system which reinforces and stabilizes each panel.



Superior Deck Support

Kafko™’s state of the art support system is clearly ahead of the rest. We are able to assure maximum support using our “A” frame and double “L” technologies.

Unique Wall Brace System

The double “L” design makes our Kafko™ panels the strongest in the industry. 14 gauge galvanized steel braces are press locked in place, not only to the back of each wall but also on the top and bottom, ensuring that each panel retains its original pre-formed shape.

Adjustable “A” Frame

Kafko™’s engineers have designed a unique heavy-duty notched adjustable “A” frame that ensures perfect alignment. Manufactured from super strong 14 gauge galvanized steel. This emphasis on strength assures that you receive a structurally sound Kafko™ pool.

Deck Support System

The Kafko™ single, double “A” or box deck support systems were engineered to support the deck around the pool. This system also adds additional rigidity to the pool walls.

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