Backyard Escape Inground Pools

patio a complete outdoor living space right outside your window:  aqua blue water, lush landscaping, furniture and fireplace – right in your own backyard

  • What if you didn’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to enjoy such breathtaking scenery?
  • What if you could relax in a tropical paradise by simply stepping out your back door?

With a Backyard Escape® Swimming Pool, YOU CAN.

Sure, you’re thinking a pool would be a wonderful addition to your backyard, but think beyond just the pool.  You are creating an oasis in your backyard that will mean a retreat from the stress of everyday life – a place to unwind and revitalize.

More and more, people are designing outdoor spaces the same way they would design an indoor space.  It’s all about including features that make you comfortable, match your style, create useful living space and bring a sense of satisfaction to come home to.

Kick Your Feet Up

poolside and delight in the soothing sounds of water cascading down manmade rock waterfalls.  Like the astonishing Niagara Falls, make your backyard a place where you can get lost in pure relaxation and lift the weight of the world off your shoulders.  Water features and lush landscaping add style and sophistication that reflect your personal taste – a world all of your own.

Color Your World

with the installation of underwater illumination and landscape lighting.  Mimic the awe-inspiring natural light display of a nighttime -sky aurora – an exuberant glow of green, blue or red.  Dramatic lighting sets the mood for any special occasion – from holiday events to themed parties to intimate dinners.

Finance Your Pool