Voyager 52″ Steel


The Voyager 52″ represents the next generation in steel above ground pools.

Warranty 60 Years – 3 years 100%, 57 years pro-rated.

Technologically advanced to ensure durability and attractiveness. The Voyager 52″ Steel Above Ground Pool has a strong, sturdy frame with a polyvinyl coating to protect the steel from weather.

Choosing a steel above ground pool over a resin frame one makes good sense if you are looking for a strong pool that fits into a tight budget.  One way to ensure that your steel above ground pool lasts a long time is to be sure that there is good drainage around the pool. If you would like to plant around your pool, the plants should be set away from the pool wall and should not hold moisture near the pool.  To landscape around the pool, use stone or gravel, rather than bark mulch which is acidic and will hold moisture.

TOP LEDGE/LEDGE COVERvoyager_dive_clip

8″ ledge made to resist water and age:

  • Polyvinyl coating a solid metal core
  • Contemporary look from the ledge down to the foot cover
  • Collar-lock engineering for safe, secure joints

UPRIGHT/FOOT COVERvoyager_upright

A plexi-coat finish protects sturdy 8″ uprights:

  • Created to stand up to weather and time
  • Finish protects steel from untimely rust
  • Classy foot cover provides ideal finishing touch


Make your backyard stand out with the Vista wall:

  • Enhance your space with this gorgeous design
  • Made with care by renowned style experts
  • Enjoy a visual oasis in your own backyard


Corrosion protection on metal components:

  • Metal components protected to last many seasons
  • Vigorous coating procedures
  • Superior process and the most reliable coating in the industry

Key features

• 8″ Ledge resists water and age

• Oversized bolts augment stability

• Plexi-coat finish

• Metal components protected to last

Technical Specifications

8′ 12′ X 17′
12′ 15′ X 30′
15′ 12′ X 24′
18′ 18′ X 33′
21′ 15′ X 26′
24′ 18′ X 40′