Summerfield 52″ Steel

steel frame pool summerfield 52"SUMMERFIELD 52 ABOVE GROUND STEEL FRAME POOL

Style & Performance

This attractive appearance of this steel frame pool is enhanced with superior construction. From its sturdy two piece resin ledge cover and rugged 7″ steel top ledges to its heavy-duty steel uprights and superior wall coatings – every detail was designed to ensure the long life and lasting good looks of this above ground pool.

Can a steel frame pool be both affordable and durable? Yes it can! With a little care, you can keep you steel pool looking good for a long time.  Be sure that there is good drainage around your pool so that the bottom of the frame is not sitting in wet soil. Surround the pool with gravel or stone rather than mulch, which will hold moisture, and keep dirt away from the base of the pool. If the protective coating over the steel parts is damaged, a quick touch-up with paint will seal the damage and prevent rust from getting a grip.

Above Ground Steel Frame Pool With Strength & Beauty

Each component of this pool has been created using the latest in technological advances and color coordinated for beauty. Coated steel bottom rails and plates plus eight different wall coatings are applied to the surface to protect against damaging environmental elements.



  • 7″ Krystal Kote protected steel top ledge
  • 5.5″ Krystal Kote protected steel uprights
  • Two piece ledge cover
  • Steel stabilizer and bottom rail
  • Steel top and bottom plates
  • Buttress oval system
  • 40-year warranty – 2 years 100%

Pool Wall height:

Summerfield 52″ The wall is available in shades of grey for all models and sizes. It is protected by a resin-based paint called Krystal Kote, which provides an extra layer of resistance against corrosion.



12′ x 52in 12′ x 17′ x 52in
15′ x 52in 12′ x 24′ x 52in
18′ x 52in 15′ x 26′ x 52in
21′ x 52in 15′ x 30′ x 52in
24′ x 52in 18′ x 33′ x 52in
27′ x 52in  2
30′ x 52in