Colosseum 54″ Resin

Strong Pools Colosseum Lifetime Warranty on Frame!


Forge-Cast™ Granite Resin quality in every detail.

The Strong Pools Colosseum commands an air of sophistication unlike any other above ground pool before it. From its forge-cast vertical columns and top ledges to its exclusive Mediterranean wall pattern, the Colosseum is guaranteed to make a statement in any neighborhood. What’s also guaranteed is unparalleled performance.  Backed by a lifetime warranty, the authentic granite resin construction on every Strong Pools Colosseum will provide your family with year after year of relaxing outdoor fun.

The Strong Pools Colosseum is proudly made in Pennsylvania, USA !

Colosseum Fountain

Invisible to the eye when not in use, our exclusive Strong Pools Colosseum Fountain is constructed from authentic granite resin and features our lifetime warranty.

Strong Pools Colosseum with integrated fountain
Strong Pools Colosseum granite resin frame

Granite Resin Columns

  • Unprecedented vertical support
  • Exclusive 15.25″ x 8″ Foundation Plate
  • Impressive Roman Styling
  • Completely enclosed for maximum strength
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Granite Resin Top Ledge

  • 12″ wide for optimal support
  • Slight inward slope prevents water loss
  • Safe, skid-resistant texture
  • Completely enclosed for maximum strength
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Steel Exterior Wall

  • Elegant Mediterranean pattern
  • Commercial-grade steel
  • Finished with high-strength clear resin

Colosseum available in the following dimensions:

18′ (diameter)   x   54-1/2′ (pool height)
21′ (diameter)   x   54-1/2′ (pool height)
24′ (diameter)   x   54-1/2′ (pool height)
27′ (diameter)   x   54-1/2′ (pool height)
30′ (diameter)   x   54-1/2′ (pool height)