Blues 52″ Resin

Salt Water Compatible Pool - The Blues 52 all resin frame above ground pool


A Salt Water Compatible Pool with style!

Salt Water Chlorine Generators have become a very popular way to sanitize a swimming pool. Until recently, many pool companies had stated very clearly that if you added a salt water chlorine generator to your pool it would void the warranty!  Not so with the Blues 52 all resin frame pool! The Blues 52 is a salt water compatible pool and that is stated very clearly on their brochure. If you would like the ease and convenience of a salt chlorine generation system, go with the Blues 52 Salt Water Compatible Pool or it’s taller brother, the Matrix 54.

Blues is in this summer – and it’s going to make a real splash in your backyard with an Aqua Leader Above Ground Pool.  What we all long for is allowed any time you please… make a morning dip part of your exercise routine.  Start the evening off right with a nice cool dip in your above ground pool after work, or set the pace for summer with poolside get-togethers with family and friends… because it’s always vacation time when you have an Aqua Leader Above Ground Pool of your own.

Above Ground Pool In Perfect Tune

The fluid design on the interior wall is sweet music to your eyes… Let Blues Above Ground Pool play you the coolest notes this summer, your very own moment of refreshment, out-of-sight styling, quality components and upkeep so easy you’ll do it all in double time.

  • Salt Water Compatible Pool FrameTrue Size Above Ground Pools
  • Robust Injection Molded Synflex resin pool structure
  • Steel wall finished with Duratex 2000 anticorrosion paint
  • Internal pool wall protected against humidity and chemicals
  • 6″ Curved Synflex resin top seats
  • 7.5″ wide uprights made of 100% synthetic Synflex resin and reinforced with embossed patterns that ensure stabilization of the seats
  • 1 1/4″ Synflex resin top tracks
  • 1.5″ Synflex resin bottom tracks that come with an exterior shield
  • Synflex resin bottom plate
  • Rigid outside connectors made of 100% Synflex resin
  • Easy to assemble above ground pool


Yard Extender System

Blues oval above ground pools come with the Yard Extender System, a series of practically invisible lateral supports that you place in the ground and only extend 9″ from the wall.   It is a must for anyone who wants to make the most of their yard – and their pool!

Pool Wall height:  Blues 52″

The Fiesta Pool Wall matches the Champagne structure. It is protected by a resin-based paint called Resin Shield, which provides an extra layer of resistance against corrosion.

12′ (3.66 m) 15′ x 26′ x 52in
15′ (4.57 m) 15′ x 30′ x 52in
18′ (5.49 m) 18′ x 33′ x 52in
21′ (6.40 m)
24′ (7.32 m)
27′ (8.23 m)
30′ (9.14 m)